Turbo Yeats, distillers Yeasts.

Turbo yeast, whisky yeast and others types of distillers Yeats and useful distillers products have been our specialty since 1999’s when we founded our company ARES. In our range are: best distillers yeast SpiritFerm, distillers indicators, steel distillers, cooper distillers and glass distillers, and a whole range of ingredients such a essences, US oak chips, FR oak chips, activated carbons, nutrition and so on.

We introduce a series of high-quality oenological products for fast fermentation, and related to alcoholic fermentation – SpiritFerm – a brand which take care for the quality of each product. The Products which are signed SpiritFerm logo are carefully selected and tested in order to meet the expectations of demanding Clients. The Products with a SpiritFerm trademark are produced only in famous & reputable factories  in Europe.

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