Turbo Fruit (grappa, slivovits, brandy) Yeasts

SpiritFerm Turbo FRUIT

Enological product. Active yeast SpiritFerm Turbo FRUIT, specially selected and highly alcoholizing (up to 18%) yeast for fermentation of fruit mixture, aimed at emphasizing the flavors of fruit used for fermentation. The kit includes a dose of enzymes to facilitate the fermentation of fruit. Package for 25 liters of fruit mixture. Optimum fermentation temperature 20-27°C, at 25°C – the fermentation time 4-6days. Please note that the temperature of the mixture should not exceed 35°C.

Instructions: add the yeast directly to the mixture at a temperature of about 30°C, then mix thoroughly

Composition: Bayanus Saccharomyces yeast strain, medium, vitamins and microelements and enzymes. Net weight 40g